Here are a few rules for commenting on this blog.

#1.  No Anonymity.  I do not require you to post your full name, but I do require people to use their given name.  I believe anonymity breeds a level of isolation from and responsibility for your actions.  If you cannot or will not say something here that you are afraid of taking responsibility for openly and publicly, then this is not the place for you to comment.

#2.  No Cursing.  I reserve the right to edit posts for foul language if they are minor parts of the whole, or to outright delete whole posts if they are nothing but cursing.  Repeat offenders will be blocked and prohibited from posting in the future.

#3.  Stay on Topic.  I will not have someone hijacking a topic with unrelated issues as a way of trying to win the argument. If you can demonstrate why your sidetrack is relevant to the given topic, that is one thing.  But to go off topic for no other reason but to distract from we are discussing will not be allowed.  What is on or off topic lies exclusively with me.  Repeat offenders will be blocked and prohibiting from posting in the future.

#4. Stay Respectful.  The chance of meeting a person who agrees with you 100% of the time on 100% of all issues/topics, is almost nonexistent.  We do and will disagree on issues.  When we do so we can be civil, or full of strife.  Lord knows I am not and have not always successful in practicing civility.  But I ask that in discussing issues, we try to keep it civil.  I do believe it to be possible to be civil, yet still express provocative or potentially exclusive ideas.  I ask that which I demand of myself, the solid effort to be civil.