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Margaret Sanger would be proud of this story.

72 Percent of Aborted Mississippi Babies Aborted are Black

This follows a story out about New York.

De Blasi Pushes More Abortion Clinics as More Black Babies Are Aborted than Born in NYC

It is an undeniable, indisputable FACT that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger.  It is also an undeniable, indisputable FACT that Margaret Sanger was a proponent of eugenics.  She believed, that in order for society to survive and thrive, it had to limit and restrict the “unwanted” castes of people from having children that would put a strain on society.  In her eyes, it was the “compassionate” thing to do.  Who were these “unwanted?”  Blacks, and the poor. There has been an attempt to whitewash Sanger’s history, and pretend she was not a racist.  All one has to do is actually read some of what she wrote.  I challenge you, who doubt what I say, to actually read what she wrote.  Go read The Pivot of Civilization, or Women and the New Race. Go read her writing I DARE YOU!  Margaret Sanger is just the same as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and every other mass murdering monster in history.

The difference between Sanger, and the others, is Sanger’s evil is active in this world today.  Just look at the numbers from these stories.  Black children overwhelmingly bear the burden of abortion in America today.  This is sick, this is revolting.  THIS HAS TO STOP.


Last night, I saw this actually take place on Twitter and the response that followed.

MSNBC Apologizes for Offensive Tweet

First, let me state something quite clearly.  There are, unfortunately, racists among the “Right Wing” today.  Some are overt racists, some are “closet” racists who may or may not realize their racism, but they do exist.  Thankfully they are fewer than before, and diminishing.

As a whole, it is my observation that most on the “Right” judge a person by their actions and beliefs.  They embrace people who agree with them and dismiss people who don’t.  They do this regardless of the color of a person’s skin.  Many “Right Wingers” support(ed) Herman Cain, thinking he would have been the best presidential candidate for the GOP in 2008.  Many people support(ed) people like Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Tim Scott, JC Watts, Mia Love, and Alan Keyes.  They supported men and women like this not because of the color of their skin, but because of the content of their character and beliefs (gee does that sound familiar).

However these men and women did and do face regular attacks because of their race.  However the vast majority of that does not come from the “right” but rather from the “left”.  To be sure, it is not all of the left, dare I say it is not even most, but it is a significant number.  And when you have leading news organizations that lean “left” expressing racist filth, it does make you wonder what is “in the water” that the left drinks.

This recent blurb from MSNBC is and should be viewed together with something that happened just a few weeks ago.  In that incident, Melissa Harris-Perry, a commentator for the network with her own show, had a segment where they made fun of Mitt Romney for his family in which he is holding his adopted grandchild.  That grandchild happens to have black skin.

Again, listen and watch how the “left” responds to non-white people who express and support right of center political views.  The hate and language is despicable!  And yet, the media routinely attempts to portray “right wingers” as the ones who are racist.  Just like MSNBC did before they “apologized”, when just weeks before it was that very network who were making fun of an interracial family, who happens to be right of center.

The assumption that “racism” is a “right wing only” thing is beyond short sighted.  I would argue and contend that MOST of the racism expressed in this country are by those who hold left of center political views.  Yet that does not fit with their narative used to “brainwash” people in this country into believing a lie.

Here is an article written about something that happened recently.

Bigots Slam Tamera Mowry for Marrying White

As the article points out, this is not the first time something like this has happened.  However, it seems to me, that attacks like this only happen when the interracial couple happens to be, or is assumed to be Conservative.  Interracial couples who are liberal are praised!  Indeed just look at how Barack Obama and his parents were viewed by liberals in this country.  But the second you are “outed” as conservative, then that interracial relationship is suddenly anathema!  Frankly, being “black” and Conservative is on its own something hated and despised by liberals in this country.

January 15th, is the actual birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.  In his most famous speech, he uttered the line, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Apparently for some, that does not apply.  Apparently, for many liberals, if you are conservative and black, you are a traitor!  Was not one of the things the Civil Rights movement fought for was for Interracial marriage to be made legal?  And yet now they spit in the face of those who make that choice, that is, they do so if there is any hint that the couple might be Conservative.

How disgusting can you get?  Racism whatever its form, is disgusting.  To the liberals out there I say this, where is your condemnation?  Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?  Where is the President Himself who was born to interracial parents?  The silence is deafening!  To the Conservatives out there I add this.  Racism is wrong!  Interracial marriage is wrong!  Unfortunately there are still “Conservatives” out there who do not think so.  Time to realize that such beliefs are demonic!  Repent of your hate and learn to accept the fact that God created ONE man and ONE woman, Adam and Eve.  We are all related, and ALL brought to salvation and repentance by the Blood of Christ Jesus (who BTW was not white)!!!  I condemn equally both sides who view race as a division in society.  I condemn equally those who hold racism in their hearts.  Have the guts to do a little bit of work, and disagree with a person because of what they believe or what they do.  Don’t be a coward and resort to hating people for the simple color of their skin!

Racism, Church Autonomy, and the Future


Within Southern Baptist life this past week there was a startling news story that was revealed.  A couple and their family who happened to have black colored skin were preparing the sanctuary of the church for their wedding the next day.  The pastor of the church was going to officiate the wedding.  While the pastor was away, a small group of men and women who held some power within the congregation entered the church and declared that this wedding would not take place there, and that if they did “there would be trouble”.  They made it specifically clear that the reason was the color of the couple’s skin.  The couple contacted the pastor of that church, whom they had been meeting with as part of premarital counseling, and the pastor, in his “wisdom” decided not to have the wedding at the church, and had the couple move to another location, where he preformed the ceremony.
Now rightfully so, as this story broke, many within the SBC universe became outraged.  The SBC has for nearly 3 decades now fought to distance itself from its racist past.  We have passed a resolution apologizing for our slavery roots, and just this year for the first time, the SBC elected an man with black skin, to be President of our Convention.  Churches like this are a step back, not forward, in true unity within our churches, regardless of the color of skin.  Many people, myself included, believe that apart from complete, total, and transparent repentance from such views, churches who clearly express such racism in their congregations should be removed from the SBC, state conventions, and local associations; until they truly repent.


Yet as such calls began to emerge, another group began to speak out.  This group, while seemingly claiming to oppose racism, says that “local church autonomy” means that we as the SBC, state conventions, or local associations, CANNOT remove such a church, as that would violate their autonomy.  I find such arguments to be severely in error in regards to interpretation of scripture, and further, in my opinion, a masquerade for latent racism in many of these proponents’ hearts.


First, such an argument on autonomy leads to the logical conclusion that a church that say, believes in animal mutilation as part of its service, must be allowed to be a part of the SBC, as the SBC has no authority to remove such a church because of the churches “autonomy”.  Animal mutilation may be an exaggeration; but seeing as the SBC, its state conventions, and local associations have removed churches for things such as, but not limited to the support for homosexuality and women pastors.  Why even in my state of Missouri, the MBC several years ago removed church plants who were fully SBC, but also partnered with a reformed network of churches called Acts29.  In all of these cases, the case for local church autonomy is never mentioned.  But yet in this cases it is?
It is my contention that the reason why “local church autonomy” is brought up here, is that the majority of the SBC are mimicking the ostrich, sticking our heads in the sand pretending that racism is not alive and well among us.  When such racism is brought up, many resist stamping it out, because deep down they know that many more churches would have to be removed, including possibly their own.  Again, I do believe that some of the loudest “local church autonomy” yellers in this fight are indeed guilty of racism themselves though they would never claim so.


Racism, in my opinion manifests itself today in two forms; confessional and cultural.  The confessional racist is easy to spot.  These are the KKK folk, the Neo-Nazi’s, the small group in this church I mentioned that said there would be trouble, if a black couple was married in their church.  These people openly believe that their skin color is better than any other.  The cultural racist however, is not so overt.  These people may likely have “black” friends whom they frequently cite when asked.  They have no resistance to saying that people of all colors are equal, and in church contexts, all can be saved.  Yet in their cultural actions, they are racist and fight to keep racism.  These are the people, who would not force a black couple to leave their church, but they would go up to them and say “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable at this other church down the street?”  They fight against removing truly racist churches because while “THEY” are not racist, they have friend and family who are, and they do not want to upset them.  The status quo for them is key, and removing ungodly, unrepentant churches that participate in clear racism upsets the status quo.


The simple truth is that racism of any form has no role to play in the SBC, or any Christian denomination for that matter.  It may be a shocker, but with the possible exceptions of any of the gentile Christians mentioned in the New Testament, no one within Scripture would be considered “white” today.  Jesus, Paul, the apostles, David, ect…All Jews, all had brown and tan colored skin.  Indeed, it is my theological position that Adam and Eve, had black skin, and that if anything, that was the color of “perfection” when God made the first human male and female.  With these theological truths, how can we allow churches that would take such repugnant actions to remain in fellowship with us?  The answer is we cannot and should not allow it.  We cannot tell this church what to do or believe, but we can prevent them from associating with us, and we with them.  If we, as both Baptists and as Christians on whole, then the steps we have tried to take to repent from our racist past is all for nothing.