My name is Stephen V. Muschany

I am a graduate student at Missouri State University studying History.  I will be writing my Masters thesis on Controversies and Theological issues among 19th Century Missouri Baptist Associations.  Previously I earned a Masters of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Hannibal-LaGrange College.

I am preparing myself to serve in some capacity in the ministry.  Using, if necessary my history degrees to teach so I can serve a church bi-vocationally.  I am also considering serving as a Minister of Education for a church.  Ultimately I will serve as the Lord leads.

My interests are in the study of history, politics, theology, and sports.  This blog will express those interests for people to view and consider.  These views are my own and do not represent any other group or organization that I may be affiliated with.  If we believe in the free expression of ideas, then I should be allowed the ability to express my views, without judgment then placed on others because of my own actions.  If you don’t like what I say, blame me, and no one else.