Consider this story out of Iraq.

Iraqi Bill Would Allow 9-years Old Girls to Marry

It does not matter if this is a cultural or religious practice, this is demonic, this is evil.

However I will say, considering the history of the patriarch of Islam, Mohammad himself, this does not surprise me.  Historical records show that Mohammad married and consummated the marriage (aka raped) with a girl who was only 6 years old.  Pedophila has been apart of Islam for as long as it existed.  I am not talking about the morally ambiguous history of teens as young as 14-15 marrying which has happened even here in this Country (especially when life expectancy was barely into the 50’s for men and women).  I am talking about pre-teen sexual relations.  The only “main stream” religion that has regularly supported and practiced this is Islam.

It is good that some within Islam are recognizing that this is wrong, but there needs to be so much more resistance to this evil.  More so than resistance against islamic terrorists, more so than even “basic” rights for “adult” women.  These little girls need to be protected, and frankly, anyone who has sex with kids this young needs to have a bullet placed through their head.  No trial, no appeals, no hope for a future life.  Bullet thorough the head.