Consider this recent story.

Gun Control Proponent Arrested for Carrying Concealed Weapon on School Property

I carry a weapon nearly everywhere I go.  The only time I do not carry a weapon on my person is when I enter church, or when have to go onto campus.  Every other time I leave my apartment, I am armed.  I have three firearms that I carry on a regular basis, usually dependent on what I am wearing (i.e. light clothes I carry my smaller Ruger LCP w/an IWB (Inside the Waist Belt holster), heavy clothes my larger Ruger SR1911, if I need to tuck in a shirt I wear my Glock 26 with a tuckable IWB.  I have and carry pretty much the largest and smallest styles of firearms that 95% of CCW holders usually carry (there are always outliers who like to carry a small .22 double shot pistol or a large .50 cal Desert Eagle).

So when I say that I ALWAYS know when I am carrying I hope you understand that I speak form true experience.  For a person to say they did not know they were carrying, they are simply put, a liar.  Leaving a firearm in your bag, ok that may happen.  Putting on your gun, leaving the home, and them remembering you are actually going someplace you can’t carry it?  Happens to me all the time.  Putting on my firearm when I leave is as second nature as putting on socks, shoes, and underwear!  But to say you “forgot” you had a gun on is just down right false.  It does not happen, HE IS A LIAR!  I cannot think of a single style of holstering a weapon on your body in which this could even be plausible.

Hey clearly is lying to try and excuse his own hypocrisy.  To advocate so strongly in favor of totalitarian gun control laws such as the SAFE Act in New York, and to be caught carrying a firearm into a school when he does not have the legal right to do so, is nothing else but hypocrisy.  Apparently the law is good enough for everyone else, BUT for him.  I believe he thinks this to be true, because again, his excuse “I forgot” just is not possible.

Unfortunately, many on the left, especially those who have no hands on knowledge of firearms (including but not limited to actually firing and carrying these weapons) will tend to want to excuse this man’s actions.  The media will either run many stories on how he really is a “great” pillar and leader of the community and this should be forgiven, OR they will bury this story trying to avoid it every seeing the light of day.

I know not everyone who might read this is a “fan” of firearms or concealed carry.  But I hope at least you are intelligent enough not to believe this bogus excuse.  At least then we might be able to have a rational conversation.