So I decided that I will include some sports posts/observations here as well, to maybe lighten the mood of my blog a bit.  Then I thought about what my first sports based post would be, and I realized it might cause more vitriol than anything I have posted yet.  I know at least two people, who if they read this, will be up in arms!

So what is so contentious?  Simply this, hockey and “real” football (aka soccer) are quickly becoming my favorite sports, above even baseball.

Yes you heard me right.

There is something just beautiful about a team going down the ice/pitch, executing a series of perfect passes, dissecting the oppositions defense to bits, all leading to an amazing goal, or sometimes an even more amazing save.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love baseball, but it just isn’t the same.  The closest that baseball feels that way for me is in watching for a perfect game or a no hitter.  When it comes to offense, I am more a fan of solid station to station, batting for average, than I am of the long ball.  Yea, home runs are nice, but hit and runs and suicide squeezes are much better.

I have said before that were I to be presented with the choice of free season tickets to the St Louis Cardinals (Baseball) or to the St Louis Blues (Hockey), I would choose the hockey tickets in a heart beat.  And I’d choose Sporting KC (“real” football) over Royals (baseball) tickets as well.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I still love Baseball.  Give me tickets and I will be happy.  I’ll even spend my own money on occasional tickets eventually.  But it is becoming my 3rd favorite sport.

I liken it to my tastes in music.  I love Blues, Classic Rock, “Classical” music (Vivaldi, Corelli, Bach, ect), and some Christian Contemporary.  I like all of those types, but more times than not, if you check what I am listening to at any given moment, it is Blues or Classic Rock.

So there it is.  Call me what you will.  I like most sports, but truly, Hockey and “real” football are the best.