Last night, I saw this actually take place on Twitter and the response that followed.

MSNBC Apologizes for Offensive Tweet

First, let me state something quite clearly.  There are, unfortunately, racists among the “Right Wing” today.  Some are overt racists, some are “closet” racists who may or may not realize their racism, but they do exist.  Thankfully they are fewer than before, and diminishing.

As a whole, it is my observation that most on the “Right” judge a person by their actions and beliefs.  They embrace people who agree with them and dismiss people who don’t.  They do this regardless of the color of a person’s skin.  Many “Right Wingers” support(ed) Herman Cain, thinking he would have been the best presidential candidate for the GOP in 2008.  Many people support(ed) people like Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Tim Scott, JC Watts, Mia Love, and Alan Keyes.  They supported men and women like this not because of the color of their skin, but because of the content of their character and beliefs (gee does that sound familiar).

However these men and women did and do face regular attacks because of their race.  However the vast majority of that does not come from the “right” but rather from the “left”.  To be sure, it is not all of the left, dare I say it is not even most, but it is a significant number.  And when you have leading news organizations that lean “left” expressing racist filth, it does make you wonder what is “in the water” that the left drinks.

This recent blurb from MSNBC is and should be viewed together with something that happened just a few weeks ago.  In that incident, Melissa Harris-Perry, a commentator for the network with her own show, had a segment where they made fun of Mitt Romney for his family in which he is holding his adopted grandchild.  That grandchild happens to have black skin.

Again, listen and watch how the “left” responds to non-white people who express and support right of center political views.  The hate and language is despicable!  And yet, the media routinely attempts to portray “right wingers” as the ones who are racist.  Just like MSNBC did before they “apologized”, when just weeks before it was that very network who were making fun of an interracial family, who happens to be right of center.

The assumption that “racism” is a “right wing only” thing is beyond short sighted.  I would argue and contend that MOST of the racism expressed in this country are by those who hold left of center political views.  Yet that does not fit with their narative used to “brainwash” people in this country into believing a lie.