California and Washington DC both have laws requiring firearms to have “microstamping” technology.  Recently, more and more firearms manufacturers are deciding to stop selling in California (WashDC does not allow gun sales in the city).

Smith & Wesson to Stop Selling Guns in California due to Microstamping Laws

What is microstamping you ask?  It is when the firing pin of a firearm, when striking the bullet, leaves a micro indentation of the gun’s serial number.  Now you might think, hey thats a good idea!  If you do, it only proves that you are an idiot when it comes to firearms.  Sorry was that harsh?  Too bad.  Lets go over what we actually know about firearms used in crimes.  Most (as in the vast majority) of those weapons are NOT purchased legally.  They are either stolen, or sold on the black market.  To hide the stolen, illegal nature of these firearms, the serial numbers already existing on every single firearm are filed off.  Sometimes poorly to where the number can still be retrieved, sometimes with a little effort to where the number can never be retrieved.  Do you think that a serial number in one more location will change anything?

Most firing pins with only a small amount of effort are able to be removed due to the nature of their use.  That is, the more a gun is used, the more a firing pin wears down to where after thousands of rounds making it so it does not properly strike the primer on the bullet.  They are designed to be replaced.  So, it stands to reason that at the very least, it would be easy to simply file those markings down.

“BUT THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!” Gun control proponents would argue!  Well, so is removing the existing serial numbers from firearms!  That has not exactly stopped criminals now has it?  There is NO possible way to make it impossible for someone to tamper with the firing pin.  NOT without making the firearm prohibitively expensive, and making it nearly completely useless when the firing pin breaks/wears out (and they do both).

But that is the entire idea and goal of these gun control folk.  They are not looking for realistic technology that could track criminally used guns, they are trying to legislate firearms out of existence.  They know outright bans/prohibitions on owning firearms is not going to work.  So they want to do the next best thing, make it so expensive to own a firearm, that no one would be able to do it.  Further, it is my contention that microstamping laws would NOT do anything to reduce/solve crime, as I have already demonstrated, criminals already bypass existing means of weapon identification.

I urge you not to fall for the trap that gun control proponents are setting.  You might “think” it is a “common sense” effort to reduce crime, but it is not.  Before anyone starts trying to restrict firearms use, I challenge you to actually learn something about firearms from someone who actually knows what they are and how to handle them.  Better yet, get someone to take you shooting.  You will learn a lot!  And you will learn that laws like microstamping, are a not so subtle effort to ban guns, not restrict crime.