In a recent blog post I touched on the lies of one Wendy Davis, candidate for Texas Gov.  Just as so no one can complain me of being biased here is this.

Former Virginia Gov Indicted on Corruption Charges

Now to be sure, in this country you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and McDonnell claims to be innocent (doesn’t everyone?)  That being said, IF he is truly guilty, then this is another case in point as to what is wrong with the current political system.  Lies, corruption, scandal, it all is standard par of the corse now of days.  To be sure there have always been scandals in American (and World) politics.  It is directly attributable to humanities fallen nature and not just the inclination towards, but the inescapable tidal wave into sin.  The problem, I think, is rather than try to fix the system by electing the “best” of us, people with care remove themselves from the system, leaving only those who are at best ignorant of such vile practices, and at worse approve.

I know many Conservative Christians, and I would have to say that most are politically apathetic.  I don’t know how many actually vote, but I would be willing to bet that the number that do match the national participation rates.  They don’t vote/care for a variety of reasons, one of which is the “problems” with politicians.  Instead, I wonder how things would look if those people I know (and an entire country like them) would actually take the care and time to get involved at local and state levels, get involved in their US House and State elections, get involved at the primary campaigns, and make sure that the “best” people are put forward to be elected.  I am convinced if more people did that, many of our corruption problems, indeed many of our problems as a society would begin to be repaired!

It is my opinion that freedom of speech aside, those who do not participate in the political system forgo their right to complain about it or comment about it in anyway, shape, or form.