Consider what came out just this past week.

Candidate Wendy Davis Blames Opponent

So let me get this straight.  A person lies about her past.  That lie is revealed for what it is, a lie.  And yet it is her opponents fault?  Add to it the news organization that ran the story that outed her lie, states that at no time did they have contact with the opponent or anyone in his campaign.  Now of course the news group could be lying too.  And the opponents campaign.  But in this whole story so far, only one person we know of is actually lying.  So why believe her now?

Frankly this whole thing highlights the problem with politicians and the whole current political landscape.  People demand “superheros” in the political arena.  They want the amazing stories out of their politicians.  They don’t care if the stories they are given are true or not, it is the presentation.  And politicians feed this obsession.  Worse, politicians begin to believe their own hype.

I honestly don’t know if we ever will see a “honest” politician in this day and age, especially not one at the national level.  Lies and deceit are the way of politics.  And that is truly sad.