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Study Reveals that Concealed Carry Reduces Crime

In my debate class back in high school, I remember reading studies that seems to confirm other stories/studies such as this.  Criminals overwhelmingly state that they avoid attacking people whom they know or suspect to be armed.  They, by their nature, want to attack people who will be “easy” targets.  They want the “quick score”.  Often times, simply carrying a firearm, proves to be a deterrent.

Consider, that when Missouri was seeking to pass a concealed carry law, critics were claiming that Missouri would become like the “Wild West” if it were to pass.  First, I actually challenge people to look at the crime/violence rates in the “Wild West”.  Much of what we know of it is based on Hollywood fables, not on truth.  But secondly and more importantly, if you look at the crime rates in Missouri from before CCW passed, and now after, at “best” crime has remained the same.  It may even be argued that it has gone down.  But most certainly it cannot be argued that crime increased, especially those involving guns, at all.  This is a pattern mirrored in every other state that has passed CCW laws since the 1987 (when Florida started the modern move to CCW).

Further, gun ownership in America has never been higher, per capita, in its history.  It has been growing like this largely for the past 20 or so years.  And yet as a whole, violent crime nation wide has gone down over this time.  The argument used by opponents of gun ownership and CCW’s are that more guns equal more crime.  This clearly is not true.  It may be hard to argue that more guns “causes” less crime, but it cannot be argued that more guns “causes” higher crime.  This is demonstrated by simple analysis of statistics.  This is why opponents of gun ownership as a whole have to rely on emotional appeals, rather than facts.  Simply put, the facts don’t support their agendas.