I have tried blogging before.  Prior efforts were merely passing fads, desperate pleas for attention and fame.  Is this time any different?  I would be dishonest if I said no with resolve.  However, it is my hope that this time will be different.

People have complained in the past that they dont like my rants, my thoughts, my opinions.  Not necessarily because they disagree but rather because of the method and nature in which I presented them.  Here, in this blog, I can present my views and feelings on a variety of topics and let people who are interested read and participate.  Those who do not wish to do so then are free to ignore anything and everything I say here, and remain in blissful ignorance of my thoughts.  Ultimately then, it is up to you the reader to decide if you wish to inflict upon yourself the delightful pain that is my thoughts.

This blog will reflect my opinions on matters of history, politics, and theology/religion.  Sometimes I may post several thoughts a day, and other times I could go weeks without a peep.  It is my intention though to eventually reach a point where thoughts are on a daily basis.

With that I ask that you pray for me in this endeavor.  Pray that in all my thoughts, ramblings, and rants, I keep the focus on Christ Jesus first and foremost in my life.  And that whatever appears here may positively reflect on myself and who I am, even when there may be disagreements with what you read and what I have said.

– Stephen