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A ME Centered World

If one were to take an honest assessment of the world, one would have to conclude that we live in a self centered society.  The trouble is, when one looks at one’s own life separate from society, most people would come to the conclusion that they themselves are not self centered.  Obviously both cannot be true.

For most, in nearly every aspect of our lives, we are selfish.  We want people to serve us, but don’t want to serve others.  We want people to give us help, but we don’t want to help others.  We want things our way, or we get mad, upset, and in many cases we even sue!  This effects our politics and even our religion.

Consider the many souls who are on some type of welfare program here in these United States.  While some to be sure are honest people, who are struggling and just hope to get enough help to get on their feet, there are others who believe that everyone else “owes” them.  In how many cities are there people on welfare, food stamps, and other programs, and yet drive nice cars, have the newest phones, and always seem to have the latest fashions?  When asked about why they spend money on these things, many will argue that it is only “fair” as “everyone else” gets to so why not them as well.  How many people use food stamps or other cash aid programs to try and buy alcohol and cigarettes rather than give their kids food, placing themselves over their own children.  Similarly, how many spend what little money they have to buy drugs, go to the casinos, or one of a hundred other things rather than spend that money where it is really needed.  And in most cases, these people then complain that they don’t get enough to keep their families fed.

Or let us turn to our religion!

For most people, we want to be entertained.  We want our pastors to say positive words of encouragement and tell us what we want to hear.  We don’t want to hear about sin, and repentance, and sacrifice.  We want to be uplifted!  We choose our churches based on what WE want.  We want a church that plays certain types of music, that wears certain types of clothes.  Many want to go to the churches that are the “popular” churches as if the number of people attending is the only way to tell if it is godly or not.  We put our desires for the “perfect” church over all else.  We base our theology over what benefits us with the least amount of work or action taken by us.

And in the end what does that get us?  The simple answer is nothing.  If the whole world is focused on themselves individually, there never is anyone helping others.  But consider, that if everyone helps someone else, odds are, somewhere down the line, you will be helped in return.  If you focus on others rather than yourself, your life is richer as a result.  Ultimately, people who refuse to do anything but to focus on themselves and themselves alone need to be ignored and forgotten.  Selfishness is not a godly attribute and will not do well with the rest of society.

I encourage you to examine yourselves.  Are you selfish?  Selfishness takes its form in many ways, and we often don’t recognize it.  We call them “preferences” and say things like “well that’s not my cup of tea”.  And then we go on to complain that pastor did not give a good enough sermon, or that the government simply is not giving us enough money to make it “fair”.  And the whole cycle of selfishness starts over again.

One more thing.

In my opinion, one of the most selfish things we as humans can do is make the assumption that if we pray, God will respond and answer those prayers.  My friends, God does not respond to us.  He does not need our prayers, and He most certainly is not bound by those prayers.  Consider, two very spiritual very dedicated Christian baseball players are on opposing teams in game 7 of the World Series.  Both pray to God to help them win the game.  Whose prayers does God answer?  The one who prays the longest?  The one who has stronger faith?  The one with better team colors?  NO!  If God Himself controls the outcome of such a game (and as a fatalist I would tend to side with He does just that), the outcome will be the result in which, in some way, He gets the most glory, whether we can see such results or not.

So you are sick, just because you pray does not mean God WILL make you well.  Yes He MAY heal you, but it is not FOR you, but it is to give Him glory.  So you pray that your finances are fixed and you can pay all your bills.  Yes He MAY bring you new wealth, but he MAY keep you poor to learn to trust Him, knowing that He will provide for you even in poverty.  It is in our prayers that we are the most selfish, asking God to serve us, rather than asking how we may serve Him!  And that is a dangerous game to play.  For we might make such a prayer, and then God sends us on a lifetime missionary calling into the wilds of Africa and we don’t speak a lick of the language, and all we have is our bible, our family, and our God to keep us safe and to do His will.


I have tried blogging before.  Prior efforts were merely passing fads, desperate pleas for attention and fame.  Is this time any different?  I would be dishonest if I said no with resolve.  However, it is my hope that this time will be different.

People have complained in the past that they dont like my rants, my thoughts, my opinions.  Not necessarily because they disagree but rather because of the method and nature in which I presented them.  Here, in this blog, I can present my views and feelings on a variety of topics and let people who are interested read and participate.  Those who do not wish to do so then are free to ignore anything and everything I say here, and remain in blissful ignorance of my thoughts.  Ultimately then, it is up to you the reader to decide if you wish to inflict upon yourself the delightful pain that is my thoughts.

This blog will reflect my opinions on matters of history, politics, and theology/religion.  Sometimes I may post several thoughts a day, and other times I could go weeks without a peep.  It is my intention though to eventually reach a point where thoughts are on a daily basis.

With that I ask that you pray for me in this endeavor.  Pray that in all my thoughts, ramblings, and rants, I keep the focus on Christ Jesus first and foremost in my life.  And that whatever appears here may positively reflect on myself and who I am, even when there may be disagreements with what you read and what I have said.

– Stephen