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Sen Reid and Hypocrisy

Sen Reid recently said this:

We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

And yet Reid and others want to give amnesty to those who broke the law and give them a quick path to citizenship.  To say nothing that Sen Reid has financial connections to businesses using BLM land to build solar power plants.  The hypocrisy is odorous!


Have you heard about the situation in Nevada?

You know it is funny.  I don’t recall anything like this happening during the Bush Administration.  Yet with Clinton we had Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Now we have this going on in Nevada.  Pop quiz.  What do Clinton and Obama have in common that the Bush does not?

Its funny how the federal government will spend thousands (if not millions) of dollars and hundreds (if not thousands) of man hours to harass one rancher and his family, and yet they will not do anything about the thousands of illegal immigrants who come into this country breaking laws.

A friend recently ‘liked’ a post on Facebook dealing with a critique against those who promote anti-vaccination, that is those who are opposed to the general use of vaccinations for various diseases, often claiming that they cause other diseases such as autism. This got me thinking about my own views not only dealing with vaccinations, but also proscription drugs and overall general medical care. I believe this is relevant as there are some segments of Christianity that believe any medical care by doctors/hospitals should be avoided because it shows a lack of faith in God to heal. On the other hand, I have a strong distrust anytime government or anyone in society believes that something should be forced on everyone. So, knowing that I know people on both sides of the issues, here we go.

First let me talk about vaccinations, as this is what got this topic started. There is no, I repeat NO, reputable scientific study that has ever indicated that any vaccines have caused disorders/diseases like Autism. Given how there are a new scientific studies released every year that claim, then refute and then claim again that things like coffee is good/bad for you, it is notable that no peer reviewed medical study has ever substantiated these claims regarding the negative results from vaccinations. Now some say that the scientific community is conspiratorially keeping such studies from seeing the light of day. Now such an argument might hold water, but it does not in light of other topics. I believe there is an attempt to silence global warming skeptics in the scientific community, but such studies DO exist. I believe there is an attempt to silence creationist and Intelligent Design supporters within the scientific community, but such studies DO exist. There are NO such studies supporting anti-vaccinationists claims. So that means either the conspiracy to prevent them are abnormally effective, or they just don’t exist to begin with.

When we look at vaccinations we have to recognize the immeasurable good that they have done. Polio has all but been eliminated in western society and the end of it in the world as a whole will likely happen within my lifetime. Vaccines for Mumps and Measles have also been effective in western society. The reduction of these diseases due to the vaccines is noticeable and significant, that is simply undeniable.

My concerns with vaccinations has less to do with them “causing” other disorders, but rather the over medication of society. Let me try to explain. Every year doctors recommend that most people, especially the young, old and those with weak immune systems get the flu vaccine. However, this vaccine is different every year. That is because what we call the “flu virus” is actually new and different every year. Every year new strains of this virus are detected. The vaccine is usually based off of previous strains, and while generally effective, sometimes it is not simply because the new strain(s) are just too different for those vaccines to be effective. While other virus’ such as the Mumps, Measles, Polio, ect do on occasion mutate into new strains, they do so at only a fraction of the instances that the “flu” does. Now with the flu, thankfully, it is not a big deal, but in the area of bacteria and antibiotics, it is a very very VERY big deal.

So called “super bugs” are becoming resistant to any and all anti-bacterial medications available. Doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies are having a hard time catching up. Many scientists believe that the reason that these “super bugs” are rising is because many doctors are proscribing anti-bacterial medicines for any situation regardless of whether they are truly needed or not. Indeed, may of these “Super Bug” outbreaks are actually happening in hospitals, not out in the general population. These bacteria are adapting over time to these drugs and I wonder if with virus such as the “flu” if this is not also a strong possibility.

Thus my issue with vaccinations (along with anti-bacterial medicines) is if the over proscription of them in an effort to stamp out the diseases are, at times, only mutating them into something even more deadly. I also am distrustful of anytime a government, or anyone in general, tries to “force” medical treatment on anyone. I believe vaccines are far more beneficial than not, but I do not believe that anyone should be forced to take those vaccinations. And I especially DON’T like the idea of parents being targeted by Family Services for not giving their children vaccinations. Choosing not to give your child a vaccination is NOT the same as violent physical abuse. And I will react strongly against anyone who claims that it is, or should be.

This leads me into an issue I have with the medical field in general, and that is the over prescription and excessive use of diagnostics above and beyond what is needed. One of the reasons that medical costs are so high in terms of cost to the individual, is that doctors are pressured into proscribing medication and ordering tests not necessarily for concern for their patient (indeed they do care), but more so to protect against malpractice suits. It is better to order “every” test just incase, rather than not order a test, be wrong, and get sued. By and large, as a whole, doctors are not incompetent mistake makers. Yes, mistakes do happen, and in some of those cases they patient is owed some type of reimbursement for the mistake. But doctors should not be issueing tests and proscribing drugs out of an over abundance of caution. If the doctor thinks that the diagnosis is X, they should only order tests and treatments for X, and ONLY start looking at A, B, C, ect IF the diagnosis for X was wrong.

With the Flu, people with “weaker” immune systems, should by all means get the vaccination to help protect themselves. But, I do have to question why a completely healthy person should have to jump and get a vaccination. I question whether that is wise, or if over vaccination can actually do more harm than good.

This now leads me into Christian use of medical care in general. For that I’d like to tell a old story from the Great Flood of 1993. There was a man who lived in a home in a flood plain protected by a strong levee. He had lived there all his life, his grandparents built the home, and had seen floods come and go. So when the Mississippi was rising, he was unconcerned. Well as you all well know the flood of 1993 was no ordinary flood, and emergency officials saw evidence that the levee protecting this mans home was in danger of imminent failure. An emergency official drove by in a truck and saw the man sitting on his porch. “Sir, the levee is going to fail at any time! You need to come with me, this is a mandatory evacuation!” But the man shook his head and said, “I am staying right here, the Lord will protect me, I trust in the Lord!” The official tried repeatedly to get the man to come with him, but finally had to give up and move on check if there were any others staying behind. Well not long after that the levee did fail and water poured into the valley quickly reaching the man’s house and slowly rising up the side of the house. Another emergency official now arrived in the boat only to see the man sitting on his roof as the water began to flood his home. Again they pleaded, “Sir you need to come with us!” But the man’s response was the same, “I am staying here, the Lord will protect me, I will trust in the Lord!” Well the current became to strong for the small boat and they had to get back to safety. Well the waters continued to rise, and not long after a helicopter hearing from the boat about this man made its way to the house. There they saw that the waters had risen covering the roof and the man was holding on to the top of the chimney with the waves lapping at his back. They threw down a ladder and over the loud speaker pleaded, “SIR GRAB ON!” The man just shook his head and started to say, “I am staying here, the Lord will protect me, I will…..” And just then the waters finally overtook him and he was washed away and died. Well as a believer, he did join the Lord in heaven. It was more beautiful and miraculous than he could ever comprehend. The Lord welcomed him with open arms but noticed the man was a little troubled. “My child what is wrong?” The man responded, “My Lord, I am greatful to be here, but I am confused. I believed you would protect me from the flood waters and yet I died, I don’t understand.” The Lord responded, “Well my child, I sent a truck, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

Now of course this is a bit of humor, but I do think it tells a important lesson. There are some people who profess the name of Christ Jesus as their savior, who believe that going to the hospital, or the doctor, or taking any time of medication/vaccination shows a lack of trust in God to protect them. Do not misunderstand me, I do fully believe that God can miraculously keep people healthy, to cure diseases, and so forth. But I also believe fully that He also protects people, and gets/keeps them healthy through earthly medical professionals, regardless of such a person is a believer or not. If God can use a donkey to accomplish His will, surely He can use a non-believer who is a doctor to keep a believer healthy.

Rejecting medicines, vaccines, or medical help because you “trust in God” is a very problematic and dangerous position. Yes, in certain situations, God may call a person to avoid certain treatments/medications/ect, but I would put forward that this would be an exception, not the rule. And I most certainly don’t believe this should be a foundational block of a ministry or teaching. I still remember and am sickened by the “ministry” of the demonic Todd Bentley. This is a man who kicked (not lightly) a man in the stomach who was suffering from stage 4 cancer (of the stomach), claiming that THAT was how God was going to heal this man. There is still video of that incident online. That man died only a few months later. I truly hope that man did not die believing in the satanic teachings/actions of Todd Bentley, and rather trusted in the Lord as His savior, knowing that though his body may fail, his eternal spirit will go on to be with the Lord if he just believes.

So where does this leave us? Ultimately, whether it is vaccinations, medication, or general whether or not to use them fall upon the person themselves, whether for them or their family. No one, ever, should be FORCED to have medical procedures pressed upon them, even if such medical procedures are in reality beneficial to them. Vaccinations do not cause other disorders, but if a person does not want to have a vaccination for themselves or their children, THEY SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO DO SO. Similarly if a person themselves requests every test in the book, that is fine, but that should be their choice and doctors should (normally) only test and medicate for what the person actually has, and not for everything in the book. Ultimately this comes down to a personal decision regarding their health (and parents of their children).

Today, 220 years ago, Congress passed the Naval Act of 1794 which authorized the creation of 6 ships to constitute a Naval fleet for the protection of US interests.  In particular they were to protect against the Barbary “pirates” who were harassing merchant shipping in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic oceans.   The Barbary Pirates actually were state sponsored privateers who would attack and capture ships of almost any nation, selling off the cargo, and often selling the captured men into slavery.

While the Act provides that if peace is reached with Algiers (one of the city-states on the Barbary Coast) that all funding for the ships would stop, in the end it did not.  Indeed, conflict with the Barbary coast states would go on and eventually result in war. Did you know that the first declared war by the United States of America was against a bunch of Muslims in North Africa?  A little something the text books leave out now of days.

These six ships; the Chesapeake, Constitution, President, United States, Congress and Constellation, would go to form the backbone of what would become a permanent naval fleet for the United States of America. They would all see action from a quasi-war with France, to the First (and Second) Barbary Wars, to the war of 1812.

While my current historical studies have taken me elsewhere, my love for Naval History always will be strong. On this the anniversary of a the creation of a permanent navy, I remember the heroes of centuries past, who would establish the grand tradition that is the United States Navy.

Consider this story out of Oregon

Woman Holds Burglar at Gun Point for 23 minutes until Police Arrive

Many gun control proponents are against laws that are commonly referred to as “Castle Doctrine” or “Stand Your Ground”.  Indeed, some would argue that in situations like this you either escape the house, or hide, and call for police.  After all, the police are trained for stopping bad guys, people are not.

However please notice how long it took for police to arrive.  It is a simple fact of logistics that police cannot be everywhere at every second of the day.  Most municipalities have only so many Law Enforcement Officers who can respond to a call at any given time.  In small communities, sometimes there is only 1 or 2 officers on duty at some hours of the day.  If they already are on a call(s), there may be a long wait for help to arrive.

This is one of the bedrock reasons that I believe every “responsible” family, should have a firearm in the house for protection (Please note I said responsible, if you want me to parse that out for you I will but I hope the people reading this are intelligent enough to know what I am meaning).  Telling a people to hide in their homes, and hope that help arrives in time is not a decent way to live.  A free society includes the freedom to protect oneself, your loved ones, and yes even your property.

It does not take much to ponder as to what would have happened if this woman was not armed.  We see it in the news all the time.  At best, the burglar thought the house was empty and runs when he hears someone.  More likely, this woman would have been physically (and maybe even sexually) assaulted.  A lot can happen in 23 minutes.  Thank goodness this woman had the ability to protect herself.  Thank goodness for firearms in the home.

Consider this story out of Iraq.

Iraqi Bill Would Allow 9-years Old Girls to Marry

It does not matter if this is a cultural or religious practice, this is demonic, this is evil.

However I will say, considering the history of the patriarch of Islam, Mohammad himself, this does not surprise me.  Historical records show that Mohammad married and consummated the marriage (aka raped) with a girl who was only 6 years old.  Pedophila has been apart of Islam for as long as it existed.  I am not talking about the morally ambiguous history of teens as young as 14-15 marrying which has happened even here in this Country (especially when life expectancy was barely into the 50’s for men and women).  I am talking about pre-teen sexual relations.  The only “main stream” religion that has regularly supported and practiced this is Islam.

It is good that some within Islam are recognizing that this is wrong, but there needs to be so much more resistance to this evil.  More so than resistance against islamic terrorists, more so than even “basic” rights for “adult” women.  These little girls need to be protected, and frankly, anyone who has sex with kids this young needs to have a bullet placed through their head.  No trial, no appeals, no hope for a future life.  Bullet thorough the head.

Margaret Sanger would be proud of this story.

72 Percent of Aborted Mississippi Babies Aborted are Black

This follows a story out about New York.

De Blasi Pushes More Abortion Clinics as More Black Babies Are Aborted than Born in NYC

It is an undeniable, indisputable FACT that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger.  It is also an undeniable, indisputable FACT that Margaret Sanger was a proponent of eugenics.  She believed, that in order for society to survive and thrive, it had to limit and restrict the “unwanted” castes of people from having children that would put a strain on society.  In her eyes, it was the “compassionate” thing to do.  Who were these “unwanted?”  Blacks, and the poor. There has been an attempt to whitewash Sanger’s history, and pretend she was not a racist.  All one has to do is actually read some of what she wrote.  I challenge you, who doubt what I say, to actually read what she wrote.  Go read The Pivot of Civilization, or Women and the New Race. Go read her writing I DARE YOU!  Margaret Sanger is just the same as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and every other mass murdering monster in history.

The difference between Sanger, and the others, is Sanger’s evil is active in this world today.  Just look at the numbers from these stories.  Black children overwhelmingly bear the burden of abortion in America today.  This is sick, this is revolting.  THIS HAS TO STOP.

Somebody’s Daughter

For those who have known me for a while, you have heard of my struggles with pornography.  It is something I have fought with since I was about 12 years old, encompassing now the majority of my life.

It may surprise people to hear that my faith in Christ Jesus is not what gives me the most pause in my struggles with pornography.  I know I am saved by Christ Jesus, and no matter how much I look at pornography and lust in my heart that will never change.  All my sins, past, present, and future are forgiven.  Yes I am adding sins to that cross, but nothing can take me out of the arms of Christ Jesus.  Indeed, this situation, my continued state of struggle in my saved state is one reason why I react so negatively against antinomianism, and why one of my greater theological interests is in the theology of sanctification.

But when it comes down to that, when I am depressed against my continued sin as it relates to my struggles with pornography, what helps me the most to turn away from that evil in my life is to remember that there is a person there behind that image.   Some say that pornography is a victimless vice.  Unlike drugs or alcohol, a person sitting at home looking at a magazine or a computer screen is not bothering anyone. Lets set aside the effect that person’s action has on the people around them, especially if they are married, have kids, are in a relationship, or frankly anyone in their live.  Rather let’s look at the person on the other side of the screen.

Statistics have regularly shown that significant portions of those involved in pornography (in particular the women involved), have some kind of traumatic experience in their past.  Emotional abuse yes, but more so physical abuse at the hands of someone, whether a family member or a stranger.  This trauma sends them into a self-deprecating spiral and into a “career” which only enforces those feelings of guilt they have for something that was never their fault to begin with.

Other women get involved, at least initially, to “pay the bills”, such as struggling actresses or models trying to make ends meet.  Once in, the very structure of the industry makes it almost impossible to leave voluntarily.  They become consumable objects based on the demand of those looking at the images in magazines or online.

It is a feel good lie that those who look at pornography sometimes tell themselves, that everything is always consensual.  There even are statements by the sites and magazines that tell us this is true.  Yet how do we know?  We don’t!  Indeed there are prostitutes in this country that are all but slaves to their “pimps”, who work the streets at the command of someone else, who have no say in the matter.  In many cases all pornography is, is the filming of these prostitute encounters.

But lets say that we can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that a particular website or magazine only has 100% consensual acts, that no women are coerced in anyway, and all are checked out by a psychiatrist to make sure they are not driven to this because of abuse in their past; that we can prove that that woman is doing this because they genuinely like doing pornography.  What then?

For me this comes down to one undeniable fact.  That woman is someone’s daughter; she is someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s cousin, someone’s wife, and someone’s best friend.  I think how I would feel if 30 or so years in the future, after I have a family and the kids leave the house if I were to be looking at porn online and suddenly find myself looking at my own daughter!  The disgust at myself would be unbearable!  Even now, there have been times where women that I have seen on these websites have looked very much like girls I know.  Schoolmates, friends, even family.  And it bothers me!  It sickens me!  And I get worried, wondering if it really is them!  If everything is all right, or if there is some pain in their past that is driving them too this.

And then I think, does it really make a difference if I know the person or don’t?  I mean, why should my reaction be any different if I see someone I think I know (assuming it is just someone who looks like them), when those women actually have fathers, brothers, sons, cousins, friends, ect of their own!  Is it ok to look at images of other peoples daughters but not my own?  Indeed, I would not want people lusting after images of my daughter, sister, cousin, friend, even if I am not!  So why do I do it to the woman in other peoples lives?

They say that pornography is a victimless vice, but that could not be further from the truth.

Faith and Baseball

A recent interview was posted on The Gospel Coalition’s website.

Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny on Baseball, Manhood, and Faith

I admit, part of the reason I want to mention this interview is to try to goad some of my Cardinal hating friends to say or think (cause they never would actually say it) something nice about the Cardinals.  😀   However, this interview does make me think about a certain topic regarding “celebrities”, Christianity, and how we should deal with them as believers.

It is a common practice among many Christians (especially conservative Christians), to “look” for celebrities who are also Christian (and conservative).  We get some kind of giddy glee when we find one, wanting to watch their movies, listen to their music, or support their sports team.  And then that celebrity fails and falls into public sin.  Now what do we do!?  We place these people on such pedestals that when they fall, they not only hurt themselves terribly, but the shockwave of their impact destroys everything around them, including many of their “fans”.   So what should we do?

There is nothing wrong with liking and supporting celebrities who profess Christ Jesus as their savior.  What we must avoid is idol worshiping those people.  We also have to remember this when we “follow” pastors, whether they are our own or are “popular”.  The fact is we all fail at some point or another.  Some fail in big ways, some in small ways, but we all fail. And when you are on a pedestal, all your failure are “big” as they are there for everyone to see.  Hearing Coach Mike Matheny’s testimony is wonderful, but whether you are a Cardinals fan or not, we must be avoid idol worship of someone who in the end, is a flawed, sinful human just like everyone else.

What we as Christians should do, is prayerfully support “celebrity” Christians, just as we pray and support believers in our own families, churches, and communities.  Many of us don’t know what it is like to live under a microscope.  For good or bad, these celebrities are under constant observation.  Believers do this in their idol worship.  Unbelievers do this to try and find something to tarnish the testimony of these men and women.  When that something is found, believers then jump ship out of fear of what those unbelievers would say about supporters of that “fallen” celebrity.

It is great that Coach Matheny is a believer and trying to live his live for Christ.  But as believers we cannot fall into the trap of making this man something more than he is.  He, just like us, is a flawed, sinful human being.  Our praise should not be on him, but rather God.  We should be thankful that the Lord has placed a believer in that position, and pray that the Lord will use that person to glorify His Holy name.  That is prayer we should be saying about all those who accept Christ Jesus as their savior.  Soli Deo Gloria!  To God alone be the glory!

Consider this recent story.

Gun Control Proponent Arrested for Carrying Concealed Weapon on School Property

I carry a weapon nearly everywhere I go.  The only time I do not carry a weapon on my person is when I enter church, or when have to go onto campus.  Every other time I leave my apartment, I am armed.  I have three firearms that I carry on a regular basis, usually dependent on what I am wearing (i.e. light clothes I carry my smaller Ruger LCP w/an IWB (Inside the Waist Belt holster), heavy clothes my larger Ruger SR1911, if I need to tuck in a shirt I wear my Glock 26 with a tuckable IWB.  I have and carry pretty much the largest and smallest styles of firearms that 95% of CCW holders usually carry (there are always outliers who like to carry a small .22 double shot pistol or a large .50 cal Desert Eagle).

So when I say that I ALWAYS know when I am carrying I hope you understand that I speak form true experience.  For a person to say they did not know they were carrying, they are simply put, a liar.  Leaving a firearm in your bag, ok that may happen.  Putting on your gun, leaving the home, and them remembering you are actually going someplace you can’t carry it?  Happens to me all the time.  Putting on my firearm when I leave is as second nature as putting on socks, shoes, and underwear!  But to say you “forgot” you had a gun on is just down right false.  It does not happen, HE IS A LIAR!  I cannot think of a single style of holstering a weapon on your body in which this could even be plausible.

Hey clearly is lying to try and excuse his own hypocrisy.  To advocate so strongly in favor of totalitarian gun control laws such as the SAFE Act in New York, and to be caught carrying a firearm into a school when he does not have the legal right to do so, is nothing else but hypocrisy.  Apparently the law is good enough for everyone else, BUT for him.  I believe he thinks this to be true, because again, his excuse “I forgot” just is not possible.

Unfortunately, many on the left, especially those who have no hands on knowledge of firearms (including but not limited to actually firing and carrying these weapons) will tend to want to excuse this man’s actions.  The media will either run many stories on how he really is a “great” pillar and leader of the community and this should be forgiven, OR they will bury this story trying to avoid it every seeing the light of day.

I know not everyone who might read this is a “fan” of firearms or concealed carry.  But I hope at least you are intelligent enough not to believe this bogus excuse.  At least then we might be able to have a rational conversation.